Cloud-MeetingMinutes software is for manage meeting agenda, meeting notice generation, participants, meeting room schedule booking, meeting minutes generation according to decision action point, monitoring pending action points.

Module Components

  • Board/Committee Management
    1. Member information with CV & validity period
    2. Board Committee generation with validity period
    3. Notify admin for member/comittee expiration
  • Agenda/Issue Management
    1. Agenda submission by department or staff
    2. Print agenda list according to date range and status
    3. Agenda approval and assigned to committee
    4. Notify submitter about action of the agenda
    5. Staff comments/feedback on agenda
  • Meeting Venue Management
    1. Meeting room information with resources
    2. Booking requision by department or staff
    3. Venue Schedule Calendar
  • Meeting Management
    1. Agenda finalization
    2. Participant inclussion
    3. Venue & Logistics requisition
    4. Meeting notice generation
    5. Meeting notice send to email or mobile SMS
    6. Agenda discussion notes
    7. Action point with responsible person
    8. Meeting minutes generation and upload signed copy for archiveing
    9. Update action point complete parcent
  • MIS Reporting & Dashboard
    1. Dashboard for top managment
    2. Agenda & Action Point status monitoring
    3. Monitor pending action point and keep advice note

Key features:

  • Address issues to resolve by organising meeting
  • Any employee can submit agenda/issue
  • Issue approval by committee
  • Meeting venue schedule calendar management
  • Agenda status will be monitor
  • Action point status monitor
  • Dashboard for top management
  • Email & SMS notification for meeting action
  • Mobile, Tab, PC based operation
  • Simplicity: easy navigation & operation
  • Interactive business analysis report generation in 360 degree report view (BI tools)
  • Data are backup in 3 location in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.

Process flow

  • CSL Meeting Minutes management module is for manage meeting letter generation, meeting agenda, participants, meeting room schedule booking, meeting minutes according decision action point, pending action point monitoring mechanism.
  • Meeting minutes’ main benefit is to trace decision action point execution status monitoring. If any decision is pending it can be forwarded to next meeting.
  • Meeting initiate with selection of meeting room. Room schedule calendar help to find out free time slot.
  • Meeting room schedule is confirmed by entering the record the digital register.
  • Based on free room slot meeting letter will be prepare including participant, meeting agenda.
  • The meeting letter can be sent to participant’s email or physical print copy.
  • Meeting attendance will be recorded to the system. As per meeting discussion meeting minutes will be recorded to the system with decision action points indicating responsible person.
  • When meeting minutes prepare it will be sent to participant via email or physical copy.
  • This decision action progress and status will be update when execution done. According to decision action point status top management can monitor and follow-up.