Cloud-CarTransport software is for manage rent or service of Car, Bus, Track, Pickup and any type of vehicle's transport. The comapany can manage trip schedule, client booking through this software. It is integrated system with Accounts, HRMS, Store & Assets.

Module Components

  • Trip Booking
  • Trip Calendar
  • Trip Schedule Entry
  • Assign Driver
  • Trip Expenses Entry
  • Vehicle wise profit
  • Trip 360 degree report
  • Client wise Trip billing
  • Vehicle Maintenance & Servicing Records
  • Vehicle Fueling Reocrds
  • Integrated Accounts
  • Online Order & Online Payment

Business features:

  • This software has integrated accounts that manage client and supplier accounts
  • System’s inbuilt reporting mechanism keep the owner always up to date with business money flow. It shows business overall snapshot instantly. System instantly says how much receivable money in client hand, how much payable to supplier and how much stocked product price as well as assets and liabilities has for the company.
  • System can instantly produce balance sheet, profit and loss, client ledger, account ledger, expense, income statement etc.
  • There is a scope to send summary reports to top management via email or SMS that ensure business snapshot over time.
  • Through the system sales invoice, money receipt can be produces and deliver to client by printing or by email. When payment confirm and SMS goes to client mobile through the system.
  • It’s integrated accounting follows all standard accounting principle that manages by dual entry system.
  • The application is very easy to use and understand. There is no need huge training to know Dr., Cr. mechanism of accounting system.
  • Anybody who has basic computer knowledge and understand from head, and to head transaction can use our accounting system. Rest of the things will do software system to generate all complex reports.