Real-Estate ERP

Real-Estate ERP is an integrated system that manages Accounts, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, CRM, Estimation & Proposal Management. Our service is a Monthly Payment Basis (Software as a service) product using Oracle Apex and hosted in cloud environment. It has 3 geo location data backup and world class security management.

ERP Modules

Modules Components

  • Accounts
    1. Voucher entry (Dual & Multi)
    2. Batch account entry as per recursive settings
    3. Invoice wise Bill collection
    4. Unlimited level chart of accounts
    5. Client & Supplier wise ledger
    6. PDC (Post Dated Cheque) Management
    7. Voucher/Cheque Print
    8. Recursive setting wise auto voucher entry
    9. Project/Branch wise costing and income
    10. Budget and fund requisition
    11. Profit & Loss
    12. Trial Balance
    13. Balance Sheet
    14. Account 360 degree BI Reports
    15. Customer & Supplier, Employee Outstanding (Due)
    16. Voucher Document Upload
    17. BOE-Bill of Entry
    18. Vat Report 4.3, 6.1, 6.2, 6.2.1
  • Sales Invoice & Billing
    1. Sales invoice by sales person
    2. Sales Target & Achievement
    3. Salesperson performance
    4. Client auto billing account map
    5. Salesperson performance
    6. Auto Stock Manage (decrease)
    7. Sales 360 degree report according to area, product, sales person
  • Warehouse/Shelf/Bin Management
    1. Bin wise stock in and out management
    2. Production batch wise stock in and out
    3. Product Transfer
  • Purchase & Supply-Chain
    1. Demand Requisition Management
    2. Purchase Order Management
    3. Purchase Order and Stock Receive Management
    4. Material Receive and Payable Bill generation
    5. Party payment schedule management
    6. Barcode wise product stock
    7. Auto Stock Manage (increase)
    8. Branch wise product transfer
    9. Stock adjustment/Opening stock
    10. Damage Product Management
  • Inventory
    1. Inventory List
    2. Inventory list Branch Wise
    3. Stock Ledger
    4. Stock Ledger Branch Wise
    5. Product Stock
    6. Product Stock Branch Wise
    7. Branch Transfer Requisition
    8. Branch Transfer Execuation
    9. Branch Wise Current Stock
    10. Inventory with Production
    11. Branch & Product Wise Inventory
    12. Branch Stock Alert
    13. Product Demand List
    14. Stock (Interactive)
    15. Promotional Offer
    16. BIN Info
    17. Audit Stock
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    1. Client communication records
    2. Quotation management
    3. Customer Order Process management
    4. Sales target and achievement monitoring
  • Terget & Budgeting
    1. Fund Requisition
    2. Sales Terget
    3. Budget
  • MIS Report
    1. Supplier Outstanding
    2. Client Outstanding
    3. Employee Outstanding
    4. Client Wise Collections
    5. Chart Reporting
    6. Accounts 360 Degree View
    7. Installment Details Report
    8. Sales at a Glance
    9. Sales Commission
    10. Top N Analytics
    11. Sales Collections 360 Degree View
    12. Sales Performence
    13. Sales/Free Summary Report
    14. Purchase 360 Degree View
    15. Sales 360 Degree for User
    16. Sales 360 Degree for Admin
    17. Branch Deposit & Withdraw

    Key features:

    • Less paper use and save lot of costing
    • Keep client history records for future reference
    • Online payment facility
    • Email & SMS notification for accounts and invoice transaction
    • Mobile, Tab, PC based operation
    • Simplicity: Easy Navigation & Operation
    • Interactive business analysis report generation in 360 degree report view (BI tools)
    • Dashboard for top management for monitor and decision making
    • Summary business report snapshot emailing; like trial balance, Day book, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
    • Data is backed up in 3 locations in the cloud environment to protect business information from digesters in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.

    Real-Estate Business Process/Features:

    1. Real Estate businesses are data driven and employees rely on up-to-date information to make important decisions. Offline systems make it difficult to access data from anywhere, creating a big hurdle in the decision-making process. SaaS solutions on the other hand only require an internet connection and a browser to work and allow users to access information from anywhere, using almost any device.Another important thing to consider is the fact that the real estate businesses are field based for the most part, which means employees rely on their mobile devices to access information and keep connected with the clients. SaaS solutions make things a lot simpler for both employees, clients and stakeholders and allow them to get things done while on the go.
    2. Transaction management tools and software – for example Paperless Pipeline – allow real estate agents and brokers to automate the transaction process. This may involve generating checklists to highlight documentation required to complete a transaction, set critical dates or deadlines, and make sure that each step of the transaction is in progress. This allows agents to focus on winning new business and building relationships with clients, rather than being weighed down by manual administrative tasks.
    3. Easy integration with other systems such as payment gateways, CRMs and databases enable real estate businesses to get more done without having to switch between different systems. This makes the job easier for employees, minimizes data duplication and ensures accurate, consistent and up to date information across different platforms.
    4. Scalability is inherent to cloud computing and allows businesses to easily scale their operations as they grow. Businesses can upgrade their plan without having to upgrade any hardware and effortlessly meet their growing demands. Most SaaS providers offer automatic and seamless upgrades that are instantly available to all users at the same time. This saves a lot of time usually required to deploy and test upgrades.
    5. With a strong focus on efficiency, real estate SaaS solutions provide instant access to important data and metrics, including rent data, inventory stats, construction reports, payment status and marketing information. Most large real estate businesses have already moved completely or in part to SaaS solutions, while small and medium businesses are also catching up with the trend.
    6. Real estate CRMs help agencies and property managers build and manage relationships with clients and stakeholders. While CRMs generally revolve around workflow automation and contact management, they help optimize the whole sales lifecycle and include other features such as task management, collaboration tools and sales forecasting. Depending on the individual needs, businesses can choose between multi-purpose CRMs and industry specific CRMs. Examples of industry specific CRMs include Propertybase and Wise Agent while Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce are multi-purpose CRMs, which provide more features and allow users to create custom workflows and fields.Now the act of managing & organizing data is challenging in itself.As most of your real estate data pertains to crucial business operations and stregies, you cannot afford any from of incompentency while recording data in a CRM tool. You could assign an employee to undertake data entry as a speciality or hire a full time expert to take care for you. however, both options can prove to be time consuming and costly. thankfully there are third party service providers who offer CRM dat entry service at affordable & time saving, those ensuring you to get affordability with quality error- free work.
    7. Management can manage Marketing automation with CRM, in this features Management can offer lots of activity such as- Email campaigns, social media campaings, lead management.
    8. Property Management solutions cover the administrative side of real estate businnesses and provides tools necessary for manage leases, properties and maintenence.It's important to consider the type of property a solution is designed for such single-family, multy-property, and commercial properties, also manage maintenence management or rent collection, while others intregrated and offer end-to-end usability.
    9. Applicants/Tenants/ clients gets Screening,Dashboard,report, ledger so that applicants/tenants/clients could see his all informations
    10. Accounting and financial, contact, tenant,rent processing, automatic reminders, self-service portals, maintenence management, work orders,document, Inspection forms, lead tracking, prospecting,report and analutics management.